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once payment has been made, you have agreed to the rules below :

main rule : i REALLY REALLY do not like to deal with impatient people. please do not order if you cant wait for the bags ATLEAST 1 week after making payment, as you know that this is a made-to-order purchase which requires me some time to make. the more bags you order, the longer it takes. 

- please do not spam my email inbox/ sms inbox/ whatsapp asking me everyday of the progress of your really stresses me out and mistakes might happen while doing your can ask bout the
  progress of your bags after 1 week of making payment.  
- once receive my acc.num, payment must be made in 3 days. after day 3, if i receive no payment, your 
   order will be cancelled automatically.

- you will not ask me to send pictures of bags that are in progress.

- you will not send sms or call pushing me to make your bag(s) fast. again, patience please?

- you will not give me any deadines to make the bags.

- no refund will be given if you miswritten your address.

- i will not be responsible for the bags during posting.