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Friday, August 5, 2011


hi  :)

i wont be able to check my emails today & tomorrow  (6 + 7 August 2011). every email that is sent ,i will be reply it on Monday. 

please take note :
*i'm act doing my internship now, so all bags will be made at night*

1) the more color your design is, the longer it takes for me to make it.
2) if you want your bags on a certain date, please send in your order & payment A WEEK before that date.
3) i limit to only 5 bags per order.
4) i dont do wholesales / dropshipping.
5) there might be chances of me posting the bag late, *due to work*

p/s :   all bags have been posted out except for a few customers that ordered 3 bags and above. if you havent got ur's, meaning i posted it yesterday after working hours & u will get it on monday.

p/s 2 : off to shah alam for COD. gosh, i miss shah alam so so soooo much!  ;p

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