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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 bag!

hi, happy wednesday!

this is the new bag for this month. my supplier does not supply the old bags anymore so i hope you all will love the new bag.

cotton canvas bag
size  (cm)                : 38cm (L) x 42cm (H)
      (inch)              : 15.2"(L) x 16.8"(H)

handle                    : 48 (cm) / 19.2"

material                  : canvas 225gsm

maximum capacity          : 6 kg

color                     : as per picture (beige)

price                     : rm 7 (plain)
                          : rm 21 (with front design)
                          : rm 31 including postage (with front and back design)

interested in the new bag? but dont know how to buy? simply follow these instruction.

1) get your design ready in JPEG or microsoft word or your own pencil drawing. make sure the size is big (not in thumbnails)

2) email your design to,

3) wait for my reply whether i can do your design or not. and if yes, i will give you my maybank acc num

4) please make payment.  i got LOTS of order-and-run-and-hide-missing-disappear people. dont know why they like to order then disappear. do let me know if you want to cancel your order, i dont mind.   :'(

5) let me confirm your payment. just let me know the amount you bank in / time / date. simple

6) give me your name and address.

7) wait. some bags can be made in just 1 day..   *yeayyy!*


  1. salam miera ,
    if i juz nak beli plain canvas bag bole ??
    bape minimum pcs ??

  2. Lovely bag having a lot of space and very flexible. Thanks for such an exclusive and wonderful product review for bags.
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